Welcome to SYAS

The SEND Youth Advisors Surrey Logo. The silhouettes of three people arm in arm is shown, with the middle person in a wheelchair. To the right of this is the acronym SYAS with yellow, orange and purple squares behind it. Underneath it reads: SEND Youth Advisors Surrey. All of this is circled in bright orange.

SYAS stands for: SEND Youth Advisors Surrey.

We are a network of children and young people who have our voices heard on topics that involve special educational needs and disability services in Surrey.

A group of 9 young people and one member of the SYAS staff are sat inside a room, around a conference table. They are all looking at the camera happily. There are drinks, snacks and pieces of paper on the table. On one wall there are star sticks and words that read: my conference.
SYAS meeting in session! Pre-pandemic in person SYAS group

We help tackle SEND stigma as well as shape, change and develop services that directly affect us by using our own experience!

No Decision about us, without us.

SYAS enables young people to take part in a variety of consultation, participation projects, peer mentoring support and personal development.

Currently online every Wednesday 5-to-7pm

“Good way to meet other young people with SEND and interests in common, all wanting to make a change”

Learn Skills, make friends, gain confidence!

Join us!
Let’s stand together and make a difference!