Get involved!

If you would like to be involved in SYAS, please contact us by email, telephone or on social media!

New Members are always welcome! We will need you to fill in our online health and safety form. We will send you the link when you request to join!

After you have been an active member of SYAS for 3 weeks, you will become eligible for a SYAS Hoodie!

Four people stand side-by-side outside on a patio, with their backs facing the camera. They are wearing bright Orange hoodies with the hoods up. On the back of the hoodies it reads: Find us on and they are also all wearing dark trousers.
SYAS Hoodies being modelled!

Due to the pandemic, we are currently running our meetings online! After you become a member, we will send you a unique Zoom link, ID and password! This will allow you to join us online every Wednesday at 5 to 7 pm!

However! You do not have to attend the online group calls to get involved! You can also get your voice heard through email, text, social media and telephone calls.

Each week a consultation pack is made that contains that week’s SYAS activities and feedback requests. This can be emailed to you and is also available to download from the SYAS website, here!

If you need these consultation packs provided in a different format, please contact us! We are here to help you get your voice heard!

Image description: a poster encouraging young people in Surrey with special educational needs and/or disabilities to join a youth advisers group. The logo is shown with three speech bubbles that read: Do you want to get your voice heard? Do you live in Surrey and have special education needs and/or disabilities? Your thoughts and experiences are important! Below this the text reads: Let’s stand together and make a difference! Learn skills, make friends and gain confidence! Join us online every Wednesday 5 to 7 pm. Get in touch to get involved! At the bottom of the page contact details are given: visit our website:; email:; Facebook: /SurreySyas; Instagram and Twitter: @ourvoicesurrey.]
A poster encouraging young people in Surrey with special educational needs and/or disabilities to join our youth advisers group!