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A woman sits on a block with her knees hugged to her chest and her head resting on her knees. She is wearing a black camisole dress and has long hair. Her left arm has a prosthetic. The back ground is plain and the image is in grey-scale.

How Language Impacts Lives: Stigma and Ableism

Sabrina Peters, the SEND Participation Officer for the User Voice and Participation Team (Surrey), talks about the stigma around additional needs and disabilities, bullying and ableism.

"Jamie Oliver is picture leaning on a chopping board on a kitchen counter top. Wearing a blue-green sweat-shirt with his short hair brushed back, Jamie Oliver stares straight at the camera. The kitchen is tidy but decorated in a maximalist style using bowls, jugs, kettles, storage containers and plants."

Jamie Oliver: a chef with dyslexia

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef with dyslexia. Read more to find out about his views and experiences on having dyslexia.
Written by Rowan Foster

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